CLU TKU is located near the market square in the beginning of the pedestrian zone. It’s easy to find us in the center of Turku.


You and your friends have 60 minutes to solve the case. Puzzles, riddles and challenges abound in an adventure full of mystery!


While out in the field you should explore your surroundings and look for clues. Combine what you find out, look for objects that can help you, and solve the case!


Quality time for curious minds.


An interactive experience for those who like a challenge.


The most fun you can have with colleagues.

The only thing you need to bring with you are reasoning skills and a good attitude.

The building’s elevator is too small for wheelchairs and there are some steps you might have to go over. Also, the toilet in our premises is not big enough for both you and your assistant.

CLU TKU’s rooms could be the most difficult ones in Turku.

Your experience may vary depending on your experience with escape rooms and how well you work with your teammates. The room difficulty level is hard to determine objectively, but there is help along the way that will complement your detective skills.

The ideal number is 4-5 detectives, but even only 2 clever detectives can solve the cases. However, you might notice that the fewer detectives you have available, the more difficult it is to solve them.

With special events and large groups, the maximum amount of participants at the same time is 17 persons. Please contact us if you want to ask more about the suitability of your group size.

A booked game has to be cancelled latest 24 hours before the booking. Bookings can be cancelled via email to If the game is not cancelled in time we reserve the right to charge the full price.

The whole experience lasts around 90 minutes. The game lasts a maximum of 60 minutes and you should reserve some time before and after the game.

There are no confined or enclosed spaces in our rooms, and the doors are never locked so that at any point that you need to, you can come out.

Our rooms are challenging, and it is possible that you will not be able to solve the case in time. Still, just attempting to solve all the puzzles is just as much fun with your friends or colleagues. In addition, if time allows, we will go through the rest of the mysteries with you.

You will get the best experience without alcohol. You can bring your own drinks to CLU, but you cannot take them inside the rooms. We reserve the right to remove people who are intoxicated, without a refund.

Photography inside the rooms is prohibited, and it is not possible to enter the rooms without leaving your cell phones behind in one of the lockers provided. You have a key to the locker, and you can access your phone while not in the rooms.