Save pikkujoulut together with your team!

The winter is coming… and so is pikkujoulut!

Will you be the one to save pikkujoulut together with your team? Are you ready for a task that will test your little grey cells but also your communication and teamwork skills?

CLU TKU is an interdimensional detective agency who sends detectives through time and space to solve cases from the past. We need your help! Could your team be the one who saves pikkujoulut?


Case 1: The Mystery of Baker Street

Tuomas Jalamo together with his colleagues from Taiste was among the first detectives that visited CLU and traveled through time and space in December 2016. How did Tuomas feel about the experience?

“The experience started as soon as we walked through the door. The extraordinaire interior design in the hallway as well as the staff that introduced the mysteries with a glint in their eyes set the mood just right.”

Tuomas and his colleagues solved the mystery of Baker Street successfully, and saved our friend Sherlock Holmes from ruin and despair. Good job, detectives!

“The puzzles were befittingly themed and varied. They required different kind of skills and ways of thinking.”

Tuomas thinks it was interesting to perceive how colleagues worked under a different kind of pressure. He recommends the time travel experience at CLU for companies that want to celebrate pikkujoulut.

“Later in the evening it was nice to discuss the solved puzzles together, and it also increased our team spirit.”

For whom would Tuomas and his colleagues recommend the experience?

“We would recommend the experience for corporate groups: escape room as a concept combines a pleasant joint recreational activity with group communication skills and shared excitement. In addition, CLU’s escape rooms have the advantage of being suitable for a manifold audience. Also the location at the heart of Turku makes the choice easy.”


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Aikamatkailijoiden kokoontuminen 9.12.1819 Tähtitorninmäellä! Tule mukaan! / Meeting of time travellers on the Observatory hill on 9th of Dec 1819! Join us!