The Secret of The White Lady

Many years ago, when the theatre was newly rebuilt, the theatre company moved in, only to find someone already there: The White Lady.

An actress in her youth, her tragic life led her to forever inhabit the upper levels of the stage, and make appearances in the rest of the building, never letting anyone forget her.

Now, with the Baskerville production, she has been especially active, perhaps not feeling too happy to be upstaged by the current cast. She is mildly annoyed at all the technological advances that allow the theatre to put up such shows, and she can not comprehend how the actors can play several roles each.

Join us as we investigate what exactly she wants to be happy, and discover… The Secret of the White Lady!

Play at the theatre or visit virtually below.

How to play?

To participate in the game you will need a smartphone. You can either play the game at the theatre or use the virtual tour above.

Virtual tour works better on a bigger screen so open this page on your computer.

Download Espoto App

To play you will need to download an app called Espoto. You can either click the icons below to download to search Espoto from your app store.

Espoto app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices.

Starting the game

Open Espoto app and select Scan new event. Then point your view to the QR-code below.

You can also add a new event from the main menu by clicking events and scanning a new event with QR-code button on the bottom right corner.

Scan this QR-code with the Espoto app to start playing!